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Mastery Unleashed (formerly Overcoming Mediocrity) is a podcast for success-driven women who want to empower their thoughts, design their dream businesses, and build beautiful lives that are aligned with their destinies—hosted by Bestselling Author and Business Strategist Christie Ruffino.

Each episode features today’s top influencers and entrepreneurs on the rise as they share empowering stories and ninja tips meant to become the fuel that will ignite a positive change in YOUR life and the lives of others.

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STEP ONE - Determine Your Focus

The main objective of our time together will be to have fun, share some great information, and allow our audience to get to know you in a personal way through your story.

That being said, it’s important that you pre-determine the focus of your episode and the key takeaways. What do you specifically want the audience to learn from you?

NOTE: Since we don’t know when your episode will air, or when in the future our audience will listen to your recorded show, please be sure to only mention events or programs in your business that are timeless.


STEP TWO - Schedule Your Recording

Complete the following form including your professional head-shot so we can create the event visuals. (See past show samples below)

If you get stuck on a form field because you do not have the correct link or description, please feel free to proceed to the next question and complete the form AS LONG AS YOU HAVE IT READY BY OUR RECORDING DATE. Before we begin recording, we can finalize everything and I can update the form for the promotions team.

NOTE: Your episode will be recorded in two segments. For the first fifteen minutes or so we will discuss your “story”. What is the journey that got you to become an expert in this area? We’ll then take a quick water break and begin the second segment where you will share your expertise. If you have specific questions you want me to ask, let me know in the form below. Otherwise, we’ll have a casual conversation that will organically lead to your topics.


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Christie Ruffino works with Speakers, Authors, and Coaches, to get them seen & heard in a BIG way by providing them multiple platforms to share their Signature Story, Ninja Tips, and Compelling Offer.

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