On this episode of the Mastery Unleashed podcast, host Christie Ruffino introduces Mary Ann Stenquist, a pioneer in helping people become “unshoppable” by curbing their spending habits. Mary Ann shared her personal struggle with overspending, which inspired her unique approach to financial self-control beyond traditional budgeting. She emphasized understanding the psychological triggers behind spending, particularly impulse purchases, rather than just tracking expenses after the fact.

Mary Ann’s method involves dissecting the reasons behind each unplanned purchase—whether it’s seeking a dopamine rush from a sale item or fulfilling a deeper emotional void. She advocates for a spending assessment aligned with personal values and goals rather than momentary desires, encouraging a mindful approach to financial habits.

The conversation also touched on the broader impacts of unchecked spending, like the example set for children and the cycle of materialism that can detract from more fulfilling family experiences and personal growth. Mary Ann’s insights challenge the conventional reliance on sales and bargains, pushing for a more intentional and value-driven approach to spending.

To assist listeners in identifying their spending triggers, Mary Ann offers a quiz that categorizes spending types, available through her website. This tool is part of her broader effort to build a community around the concept of becoming “unshoppable,” which includes resources and support for those looking to change their financial behaviors.




As a Spending Coach, Mary Ann is passionate about helping women become unshoppable– overcoming the urge to shop by learning why we shop and how to stop. She thinks all women deserve to have the life they want. Mary Ann helps you do this by helping you find the money to fund the life you want with the money you already have. She teaches you how to stop spending before it happens and how to maintain good shopping habits that keep you debt-free, guilt-free, and free to feel good about what you spend your money on! Mary Ann’s mission is to help all women who struggle with overspending become unshoppable!




Spending Types Quiz

Identify your unique trigger that causes you to overspend.





Money Makeunder Community



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