In this episode of the Mastery Unleashed podcast, Christie Ruffino engages in a deep and insightful conversation with Shiraz Baboo, a reality interventionist who specializes in helping individuals transform their lives by altering their beliefs and perceptions. Shiraz discusses the concept of reality addiction, where individuals unconsciously cling to negative patterns or beliefs due to the emotional payoffs they receive, such as sympathy, attention, or validation from others.

Shiraz explains that every persistent problem in one’s life is a solution to an emotional issue they are avoiding. He emphasizes the importance of recognizing these underlying emotional problems and consciously choosing to break free from them. He also delves into the science of emotion and its impact on our physical reality, illustrating how our cells become addicted to specific emotional states, which can manifest as physical conditions or life circumstances.

To transform one’s reality, Shiraz suggests a three-step approach: acknowledging that every consistent problem is an emotional solution, understanding and breaking free from reality addiction, and choosing new, positive addictions or emotional states to cultivate. He shares personal anecdotes and client stories to illustrate how shifting one’s emotional state and beliefs can lead to profound changes in their life and reality.

Shiraz offers a gift to the audience, a series of audio exercises designed to help listeners break the pattern of short attention spans and cultivate the ability to maintain focus and calmness in various situations. These exercises aim to enhance one’s ability to stay present, increase focus, and attract positive experiences and people into their lives.

Throughout the episode, Christie and Shiraz explore the power of the mind in shaping our experiences and the importance of taking responsibility for our emotional states and the realities we create. They encourage listeners to engage in self-reflection, challenge their existing beliefs, and consciously choose the emotions and realities they wish to experience.




Shiraz Baboo is a multi-award-winning author, international speaker, and reality interventionist. He is known for helping people to rewrite their reality and overcome challenges in their lives using what he calls Energetic Magic. Shiraz has helped thousands of people to overcome illness, poverty and unconsciously addicted struggles. Overall, he is a renowned personality in the area of reality addiction, and his book, How to Rewrite Reality has changed lives across the globe.



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