In a revealing personal account, Christie highlights the vulnerability of relying heavily on a single platform like Facebook for business operations. After her Facebook account was abruptly shut down, she gleaned vital lessons on ensuring business resilience, understanding Facebook’s intricate structure, and the importance of diversifying one’s digital footprint.

Teaching Point 1: Understanding Facebook’s Structure
Key Insight: Grasp the relationship between Profiles, Pages, Groups, and Business Manager to optimize and protect your business presence on Facebook.

Teaching Point 2: Ensuring Business Resiliency
Key Insight: Establish a co-admin for Facebook assets to swiftly regain control in unexpected situations, safeguarding business continuity.

Teaching Point 3: Diversifying Your Digital Footprint
Key Insight: Prioritize building an email list and expand to other platforms like YouTube to mitigate risks and maintain direct audience communication.



Christie Ruffino is a serial entrepreneur, podcast host, international speaker, and best-selling author with 14 books. She has been featured on Inc.com, WGN Radio, and The Morning Blend on NBC TV. She has built three six-figure businesses, has studied under a long list of business icons, and has over three decades of business experience helping over three thousand women increase their business revenue through clarity, collaboration, and increased visibility.

All this experience has come together in a way that now serves her clients at the highest level. As a Profitize Your Purpose™ Coach, Christie guides entrepreneurs through her process to harness the power of STORY, SYSTEMS, & COMMUNITY to build a more dynamic brand, attract more clients, and make more money.



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