On today’s show, Hawk talks about how you can get paid to grow your list so that you can easily scale your business with high-ticket qualified leads.



The Funnel Gamer, Hawk Mikado, is a 3 time International Best Selling Author, Speaker, and Publisher of Funnel Magazine.

When you combine Mangoes, Marketing, Masterminding, and Mazda’s… what do you get? Why Hawk Mikado of course.

He’s the #1 Funnel Builder for coaches, consultants, speakers, and authors.

Accredited as the Top ClickFunnels Certified Partner, a professional Neuro-Linguistic Communication Trainer, and skillful Business Strategist.

With 10+ years of marketing, sales, and copywriting experience, Hawk has helped 12+ companies create a 7+ & 8+ figure funnel, interviewed 37+ of the world’s leading millionaire and billionaire business leaders, and his launch formula has helped 100’s of people create 6+ figure businesses.

Hawk is on a mission to serve 100,000 Entrepreneurs, business owners, and company leaders so they can create a scalable business and add $100,000 in annual PROFIT through our Funnel Frameworks to ‘Make Your Mark…et!™’ & become an Empire Builder

His impressive Marketing background allows him to live the laptop lifestyle and travel the world while spending time with his wife Kate and daughter Alliwin.








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